9 Gun Shooting Package

Choose any 9 guns from more than 70 guns available on the firing line.  Choose from Full-Auto, Western, Shotguns, Handguns, Rifles, and the very popular Sniper rifles.  Having trouble choosing?  You can check out our wall of movie posters at the range showing all of our guns in popular movies to help you decide.  Shoot at more than 36 steel targets spread out over our 100-acre range all the way out to 500 yards!  (the longest public range in town).  Feel the excitement when your round connects with one of the exploding targets included with your Sniper rifle.
9-Gun Package includes*:
  • 4 Exploding Targets if you choose a Sniper rifle
  • Free Photos or Videos of you shooting each of your guns
  • Ammunition for each gun (see available firearms page for individual round count)
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • One on one instruction on how to fire each weapon
  • Transportation to and from the range (subject to scheduling)
  • Bottled water

*All firearms are subject to availability
*Shooting packages cannot be split between multiple people

| Cheryl P 23-01-2018 20:20

What an amazing experience! My boyfriend and I booked last minute, and drove out in our own truck. We saw wild horses on the way out, and when we got to the private canyon it was great! 500 yd sniper targets, so many guns to choose from! We both chose 9-gun packages and we were not disappointed. The staff was safe, informative, and so accommodating - we had a blast. We will definitely be back.

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