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Shoot Las Vegas Outdoor Range

Best Outdoor Shooting Range Experience in Las Vegas

At Shoot Las Vegas you create your own shooting package from over 70 unique firearms, which are on our firing line ready for you to shoot.

In addition to our assortment of fully automatic machine guns, you can select Western style guns like a .45 caliber Long Colt, Gangster style firearms like a "Tommy Gun", Law Enforcement handguns, Big Guns like a M2 "Ma Deuce" heavy machine gun, Military Style rifles from around the world, and even test your skills with Sniper Rifles on steel targets up to 500 yards out in our private canyon while shooting from the comfort of a climate controlled firing line.

We offer complimentary transportation from the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas Hotels to our private outdoor shooting range. We are open 365 days a year, make your reservation today!

With indoor shooting ranges all over Las Vegas offering for anyone to “shoot a machine gun,” we know first-hand there is a whole other side to shooting. In addition to machine guns, we provide you with dozens and dozens of cool guns to choose from including fully automatic machine guns, Military, Western, and even Sniper.

Shoot Las Vegas offers unparalleled access to some of the most famous guns throughout history and hardware from your favorite movie, TV show or video game. We don’t feel that you should be limited to in your choice of just a few guns to shoot over and over, so we let each guest choose from more than 70 guns in our mobile firing line. 

If you’ve ever shot in an indoor range you know they can be loud, limited to paper targets and have no room for your friends to watch you shoot. Shooting outdoors provides you with the space you need and allows you to choose from many different targets from varying distances, including Tannerite exploding targets. Outdoor shooting’s lone drawback is weather so Shoot Las Vegas combines the best features of the outdoors with the predictability of indoor conditions indoors with a custom-built, climate-controlled Mobile Shooting Trailer with air conditioning and heat combined with shelter from wind and rain. The excitement of outdoor shooting with the comfort of indoor shooting, the best of both worlds! 

Shoot Las Vegas also allows custom-built experiences from one of our six packages. Packages are based on how many guns you want to fire throughout your day with us. If you just want a sample, you can shoot our 6-Gun package or if you want the ultimate Shoot Las Vegas day, you can be a High Roller and choose our 21-Gun package from our more than 70 guns on at your fingertips.

As always, it’s your choice! All of our packages include protective ear and eyewear, range fees, personalized instruction by one of our trained Safety Range Officers, access to our photo/video sharing system to share pictures and video of you shooting live from the firing line. 

For us at Shoot Las Vegas shooting is not about “the kill,” it’s about what it’s like to fire a specific gun. That’s why you won’t find any violent targets at our facility – no human silhouettes, no animal outlines. We are happy to feature a variety of non-violent steel reactive targets throughout our facility and even exploding targets for the sniper station. 

Shoot Las Vegas’ staff is committed to providing you with the ultimate shooting experience. Our Range Safety Officers are not only trained and extremely knowledgeable about their craft, but friendly and un-intimidating. They remember what it’s like to be a first time shooter and know what it’s like to be an experienced shooter trying a new gun for the first time.

We offer complimentary limo transportation from Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas Hotels to our Private Outdoor Shooting Range. Make your reservation today!


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