FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: "Shoot Las Vegas" ranked number one in the Top Ten Machine Gun Range Attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada.


LAS VEGAS, DEC. 27, 2017

"Shoot Las Vegas" ranked number one in the Top Ten Machine Gun Range Attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The ranking was determined by US Blasting News, one of the top 150 most read news websites in the world. "The Ultimate Insider's Guide To Tourist Shooting Ranges In Las Vegas" a comprehensive review of the top ten indoor and outdoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas was undertaken to determine which offered the best "bang for one's buck."  

The number one ranking was given to Shoot Las Vegas because they provide "the best experience by every metric" and declared "king of the mountain." 

Eric Brashear, the owner of Shoot Las Vegas, remarked, "We are extremely proud to have been named the number one shooting range in Las Vegas. Shoot Las Vegas is a different business model than other gun ranges in town. I've been working in the special events industry for 30 years, so it’s really ‘Special events meets shooting’. We’ve done single groups up to 100 guests at one time because of a unique feature that allows guests to move between the different shooting stations at their own pace. Guests can also customize their shooting experience from the more than 70 guns offered”.

Shoot Las Vegas offers the only private box canyon outdoor shooting experience, which is on 100 acres of serene landscape complete with fire pit and picnic tables. Customers safely experience the most popular and sought after handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and more shooting at exploding and steel targets out to 500 yards.  Guests can even blow up a car with a Sniper rifle aimed at an explosive.

Limousine transportation, at zero cost, is offered by Shoot Las Vegas to their customers so they may relax and ride in comfort to the private box canyon while watching a video of what’s in store. Once customers arrive at the Shoot Las Vegas' custom-built climate-controlled firing lines, Shoot Las Vegas provides free pictures and videos for each guest shooting their guns.

In addition, Shoot Las Vegas will soon be offering their customers rides in the world's longest monster truck at the Shoot Las Vegas' outdoor shooting range, which will further enhance the already one-of-a-kind shooting experience. Reservations are suggested. Read the full article at

PR Contact: Eric Brashear